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Hauling You Can TRUST

Your supply chain can be messy. With markets that are continuously evolving, complexity is on the rise. What you need is a partner that’s flexible and possesses a diverse portfolio to help meet your supply chain needs. What you need is F&S!

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Who Wants To Be Like Everyone Else?

Our identity as “The Premier Lightweight Fleet in America” transcends that of every other carrier in the industry. This, coupled with our ability to achieve the highest payload possible, solidifies our commitment to the customer and ensures that real cost-savings are realized in the bottom line. What are you waiting for?

We're Not JUST a Trucking Company

Our team of supply chain professionals can analyze your network and design a customized solution unique to your situation. Our dedication, combined with industry-leading innovation, gives you peace of mind that your transportation interests are being managed so you can focus on other segments of your business.

Dedicated Solutions

  •  Trailer Spotting
  •  Yard Management
  •  Trailer Storage
  •  Shuttle Services
  •  Warehouse Solutions

We're on YOUR Team

Innovation, dedication, and personalized service are just a few of the terms that come to mind when describing our affiliate, FSL. With their access to a comprehensive network of carriers, and the full support of our asset-based group, this gives you comfort in knowing that your supply chain needs are met.

In an effort to seamlessly blend into your operation, we can provide on-site representation that is dedicated solely to your business. Our commitment to continuous improvement means our team works tirelessly to find efficiencies within your network by developing Key Performance Indicators, methods to increase utilization, eliminate assets--whatever it takes! All of this, and a clear line of communication to keep you in the loop at all times.

Who couldn’t use more capacity?

Through our affiliate company, FSL, we have immediate access to a qualified network of carriers that can work directly for you. Their dedicated logistics team uses an exhaustive scoring system to guarantee that their partner carriers adhere to all safety, regulatory, and insurance requirements. This allows them to secure the capacity required to handle surges, or special projects, when the need arises.

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